Kashubian Flag Day

 Dear Kashubs wherever you are!
On 18th of August Kashubs will celebrate Kashubian Flag Day, a day in which we remind the whole world of our national colours. We ask you to put up Kashubian flags wherever possible, wherever you can on that day. 
Last year we organised celebrations of Kashubian Flag day in cooperation with Radio Kaszëbë, Kashubian Development Institute from Kościerzyna and Wilno Heritage Society in Canada. It was a day in which Kashubs all over the world had the opportunity to pay tribute to colours which symbolise our hard work and the rewards it reaps. The 18th August is a special date in Kashubian history when in 1929 Kashubian flag was displayed publicly for the first time at the founding congress of the Kashubian Regional Union in Kartuzy. 
Bearing in mind how successful were the last year's celebrations of Kashubian Flag Day here and in Canada, honoured by Kashubs all over the world and numerous local government branches in Kashubia, we hope you will hear our call and that you will join us in celebration yet again. And yet again, not only Kashubs but tourists and others alike who will come across these flags will remember this special day in which we celebrate Kashubian flag.