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PURPOSE: The purpose of this unique sporting event is to promote and strengthen the Kashubian Identity In Kaszëbë the homeland and native land of all the Kashub people around the world. It is also home to the first Kashub pioneers who immigrated to Canada in the year 1858. The fifth and sixth generation descendants of these first pioneers have formed the Kashubian Griffins Hockey Team to promote the Kashub people, the Kashubian culture and the homeland and nation of their Kashubian ancestors. The team is also known as the Kashubian National Hockey Team in Kaszëbë. It just happens that they are the only Kashub hockey team in the whole world. These Kashubs will be proudly represent the Kashub Nation and they hope to encourage the young Kashubs in Kaszëbë to take up the game of hockey which is very popular with Kashubs in Canada’s Kaszëbë. The teams hope, is to see a Kashubian Hockey Team created in the homeland where they will become the team who will represent the Kashub people and their fatherland in the future. Using sports to promote heritage is a great vehicle in keeping awareness of your cultural roots and the weekend of April 5th and 6th will showcase how proud the Kashub people are of their culture and heritage. This event may also inspire other sporting event to use their sport to promote culture and heritage. Wiedno Kaszëbë i na wiedno Kaszëbi.

GOALS: Some of the goals for the Kashubian Griffins on this cultural tour are to show pride for the homeland of Kaszëbë. To touch and kiss the soil of their ancestors native land. They would like to meet as many Kashubs as possible, especially one with the same family names and also to connect with some of the villages that their ancestors hailed from and where they were born and went to church. One of their thrills on this trip, is that they will be playing hockey in Gduńsk /Gdansk, the capital city of Kaszëbë. This is not just a honor, but a privilege and they hope to be true Kashubian Ambassadors while they are in Kaszëbë.

TRIBUTE: The Kashubs in Canada, lost a great Kashub friend in Daniel Czapiewski and they will be paying tribute to this Kashubian Giant at these games. Daniel was instrumental in helping in bridging the Kashub people in Canada’s Kaszëbë and also in Kaszëbë. He was a true promoter of all things Kashubian. He was a proud Kashub and very proud of his homeland of Kaszëbë. With the help of Michał Śmigielski from the small Kashubian village of Chwaszczyno, we will make sure that this great man will never be forgotten for his work in helping promote and preserve the Kashubian culture and identity. Daniels last words to the Kashubs in Canada on his last visit to Wilno was “ Wiedno Kaszëbë” – It was always Kashubia for Daniel.

SPECIAL THANKS: Special thanks goes to Michał Śmigielski who is organizing the hockey arena facility and providing the hockey teams from the Gdansk Hockey League to play against the Griffins. Sopot Mad Dogs Hockey Team and the Gdansk Dragons Hockey Club will represent the Hockey League.


Day One:
Tuesday April 1 Leave Toronto Airport 2155 pm;

Day Two:
Wednesday April 2
Arrive in Warsaw 1210 pm – Gdansk Departure 1335pm – arrive 1430 pm
Arrive in Gdansk in the afternoon – Picked up by Jacek Wroński Bus and off to Szymbark to spend the night
Accomodations: Hotel Czapiewski – Sponsored by Lidia Czapiewska – DANMAR
Transportation: Jacek Wroński Bus – Sponsored by WRONSKI BUILDING SUPPLIES

Day Three:
Thursday April 3 – Start promoting the Meet and greet local Mayors Lipusz Mayor Mirosław Ebertowski – Kartuzy Mayor Mirosława Lehman – Kościerzyna Mayor Zdzisław Czucha
Accommodations: Hotel Czapiewski – Sponsored by Lidia Czapiewska - DANMAR
Transportation: Jacek Wroński Bus – Sponsored by WRONSKI BUILDING SUPPLIES
event – visit some schools

Day Four:
Friday April 4 – Visit the University of Gdansk and meet the Pomorania Student Organization and President Magdalena Bigus and her members
Meet with the Kashubian Pomerania Association in Gdansk
Meet with Kaszëbskô Jednota in Gdansk
Watch hockey at the Hala Olivia Arena – meet Michał Śmigielski
Party with the Sopot Mad Dogs Hockey team after the game
Accommodations: Hotel Czapiewski – Sponsored by Lidia Czapiewska – DANMAR
Transportation: Jacek Wroński Bus – Sponsored by WRONSKI BUILDING SUPLLIES


Hockey Night in Kaszëbë
DATE: Saturday April 5
GAME TIME: 8:30 pm (20:30)
TEAMS: Kashubian Griffins versus Sopot Mad Dogs
VENUE: Hala Oliva Hockey Arena
OPENING CEREMONIES: Singing of the Kashubian Anthem – “Zemia Rodnô” Song by Weronika Korthals & Tomasz Fopke
DROPPING of the GAME PUCK: Honorary Kashubian Patrons, Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Senator Kazimierz Kleina
SPEECHES: Prime Minister Tusk – Senator Kleina – Commissioner David Shulist – Michał Śmigielski

Hockey Day in Kaszëbë
DATE: Sunday April 6
GAME TIME: 7:00 pm (19:00)
TEAMS: Kashubian Griffins versus Gdansk Dragons
VENUE: Hala Oliva Hockey Arena
OPENING CEREMONIES: “Wiedno Kaszëbë” song by Weronika Pryczkowska and Marta Okrój
DROPPING of the GAME PUCK: Pomorania Student Organization President Magdalena Bigus – Kashubian Pomeranian Association President Łukasz Grzędzicki, Beata Jankowska and Kaszëbskô Jednota President Mateùsz Titës Meyer.
SPEECHES: President Bigus – President Grzędzicki – President Meyer

Day seven:
Monday April 7 – Road tour to small villages in Kaszëbë. Bar Hopping
Accommodations: Hotel Czapiewski – Sponsored by Lidia Czapiewska – DANMAR
Transportation: Jacek Wroński – Sponsored by WRONSKI Building Supplies

Day eight:
Tuesday April 8 – Depart: Gdansk 1455 Warsaw 1650 Arrive Toronto 10:00 pm

MAJOR SPONSORS: DANMAR CONSTRUCTION – Lidia Czapiewska will donate all the accommodation at Szymbark
WRONSKI BUILDING SUPPLIES – Jacek Wroński will donate all the ground travel
RADIO KASZËBË – Will cover the event from start to finish on the air waves

Radio Kaszëbë – Anna Kościukiewicz-Jabłońska
Nataliô Lãdowskô/Natalia Landowska

TV Teletronik – Eugeniusz Pryczkowski –

Forum Pomorskie – Antoni J. Filipkowski

Pomerania – Dariusz Majkowski

Radio Gdańsk – Leszek Szmidtke

Dziennik Bałtycki – Mariusz Szmidka

Marian Gorlikowski – Professional Photographer


COMMISSIONERS David Shulist/ Szulëst 756-1743
GM: Jerome Shulist/ Szulëst 756-0229
COACH: Richard Shulist/ Szulëst 756-6116

Jonah Tremback C 416-268-5912
Jonathon Mask/ Maszk 613-608-4761

Tom Serran/ Cyrzón “D” C-613-281-2047
Joe Shulist/ Szulëst “D” 905-393-7191
Brandon Cashubec/ Kaszubik “D” 613-281-3330
Johnny Shulist/ Szulëst “F” 756-6116
Nevin Shulist/ Szulëst “F” 613-894-0142
Mark Yakabuskie / Jakóbòwsczi “D” C 613-614-3407
Kirk Skebo/ Scziba “F” 613-639-9777
Mike Vaillancourt/ Suszek/ Brzezyńsczi / “F” 756-1997
Brandon Pecarskie/ Piekarsczi “F” 756-1239
Tom Cobus /Kòbùs “D” 613-312-1204
Jamie Cobus / Kòbùs “F” 613-433-2210
Allan Coulas / Kùlôs 613-8756-2472